• $2.4bn project value
  • 20,000+ users
  • 400+ suppliers

Comply Flow has been engaged since February 2015 to manage the project compliance and automate procedures for SYDTRAC (Acciona / Alstom) in building the Sydney Light Rail, set for completion in 2019.

SYDTRAC required an integrated, paperless system for managing all contractors, workers, plant & equipment on-site which would interface with existing company management systems.

Comply Flow was able to deliver an end-to-end solution, covering contractor prequalification and management, work authorisation and permits, fatigue management, live compliance status registers, access ID cards and hardware, incident management, plant and equipment and training and inductions all through our cloud-based platform for all users onboarded into the system.

The flexibility of our software enabled multiple user/administrator configurations and integration with company systems to ensure total operational oversight and continuous records managed in the cloud.


  • $11bn+ in global assets
  • 150+ assets managed through Australian Asset Services
  • Multiple organisational users and administrators

CBRE engaged Comply Flow in 2011 to deliver a software system that would automate both internal and third-party audits and compliance management for assets within their portfolio.

Historically, CBRE’s audit process was managed via the use of spreadsheets at each site, relying heavily on the discipline of individual building managers to update the forms based on their progress in completing corrective actions. Consequently, there was minimal visibility for senior management over the corrective action management process and poor system procedures overall.

Comply Flow was able to quickly implement the Inspection Management module to automate compliance audits entered into the system (CSV/iPad), enabling the immediate tracking and record of all actions taken. All recommendations were allocated to responsible persons, with tracking of corrective action close outs also enabled.

Using our system, CBRE was able to efficiently demonstrate their active compliance management, including live completion rate of corrective actions, customised reporting specific to client demands and push notifications sent out to ensure timely completion.


  • $300m + project value
  • 4+ major infrastructure projects

John Holland is a large multinational specialising in large civil infrastructure projects and property development. Prior to partnering with Comply Flow, their Australian contractor management system was fragmented across multiple different projects, with complicated administration processes, inconsistency and a lack of oversight from head office.

John Holland’s management team sought an efficient solution to ensure contractors were compliant across multiple projects and joint ventures, and to ensure visibility at an organisational level.

Comply Flow has been engaged since early 2018 to implement an efficient contractor management system across John Holland projects.

Our system architecture enables the fluid transfer of information and documents between multiple project administrators, sub-accounts and contractors within a single platform. Accessible to head office in an intuitive dashboard interface, our system also integrates seamlessly with online training and induction packages for users, and enables site access across multiple project sites with a single access card. Project teams are given independence to manage their own projects within the head office account, and can be configured easily to match JH’s organisational structure.


  • 79 municipal councils engaged
  • 200+ internal employees
  • Public-private sustainability partnership

Sustainability Victoria specialises in integrated waste management, resource efficiency and recovery and organics, and has been running a Household Chemical Collections program since 1994 where households drop their unused household chemicals to mobile and permanent facilities across metro and regional Victoria. Toxfree were engaged to undertake all parts of the process and Sustainability Victoria were reliant on their service provider to provide the data that made up their invoicing in collections, transport, processing and storage.

Comply Flow was able to integrate multiple software package modules to resolve processes for both waste management and audit, drawing on data inputs at all stages of the process ­­, putting Sustainability Victoria back in control of their data and their ability to conduct internal audits for invoicing, collections, processing and transport.


  • 23,000+ staff
  • 1000+ training sessions annually
  • 70+ sites across Australia

Comply Flow partnered with Risk Management Consultants Prensa in 2015 to develop a system to manage the Site Information, Emergency Procedures, Tenants, Staff and Training for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (now: Department of Home Affairs). This included the development of a sophisticated learning package for training and inductions of new staff to the Department.

Comply Flow and Prensa collaborated to develop a module that allowed management of multiple clients from one central account, allowing clients to login, view their own information and generate reports.

Furthermore, our solution enabled management of all Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) buildings, and staff across both Australia and Torres Strait Islands for Emergency Preparedness requirements. Due to the success of this integration with DIBP’s risk management processes and regulation, Comply Flow were engaged further to develop a custom SCORM compliant Learning Management Program to handle the complex variety of alarms and threats across different buildings and floors unique to the Department of Immigration & Border Protection training requirements.


  • 10+ campus sites managed
    • 2800+ users across Australia
    • 34,000+ students

ACU engaged Comply Flow in 2015 to implement a contractor management platform for use by Facilities Management at their major campuses. Prior to this partnership, ACU’s approach consisted of a complicated, manual administrative system for contractor management which resulted in poor visibility and public liability implications.

Comply Flow simplified ACU’s facilities management operations by introducing a managed system to cover contractor management (from invitation, through to prequalification, inductions and review), document approvals and expiry notification, as well as integration with ACU’s Access ID system, the AESC Help Desk and purchase order systems across their Australian operations. More recently, Comply Flow was engaged to undertake an induction improvement program which involved collation of site specific information from all campuses and using this information to custom build an enhanced induction system for new contractors.