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For Business

Manage all your HR & compliance in one place.
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  • Free HR & Document management platform
  • Manage company, worker and plant compliance
  • One account, one profile, one fee for unlimited clients

For Enterprise

Track supply chain compliance in real-time.
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  • Customise requirements at the company, plant and worker level
  • Track real-time compliance across your operations
  • Select from a comprehensive suite of WHS specific add-on solutions

Comply Flow is an industry-portal that makes it easy for Contractors (Businesses) to manage their HR & Compliance records, and share necessary information with the Clients they service. Our Business solution is for Contractors managing their own Workers and who need to share information with Clients (Enterprise).

Our Enterprise solutions enable larger organisations (managing lots of Contractors) to request, track and manage information from Contractors, as well as access other solutions for Audits, Inspections, Incident Management, Work Permits, Inductions and more.

Our HR and admin tools are free for contractors - always. If your business is invited to join a paid client (on either a Standard or Premium licence), any workers you share will need to be upgraded to the corresponding licence. Managing workers in the same account who aren't assigned to any paid clients remain Free users.

Contractors (Businesses) looking to join Comply Flow can register for free following any 'Create Free Account' links on the Business website. If you have been invited by a Client, this invitation will appear on your dashboard when you sign up.

If you are an organisation interested in our Enterprise solutions, hit the 'Request a Demo' button on the Enterprise website to get in touch and learn more.

Get in touch via our Contact Us page and someone will get back to you shortly.