Why Use Software Instead of a Manual Safety Management System?

What is Safety Management System Software?

A Safety Management System (SMS) allows you to monitor and assess your company’s procedures and processes to better gauge hazards, risks and compliance with legislation and regulations. Implementing an effective SMS can be an asset to your business.

Some common Safety Management documents include, but are not limited to:

  • Audit reports and non-conformances
  • Company documentation i.e. accreditations, safe work method statements, insurances
  • Registers i.e. hazardous substance/ chemical register
  • Worker documentation, i.e. licences, medicals, qualifications
  • Inductions and training i.e. company induction, site specific training, safety training
  • Risk assessments and job safety analysis
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Inspection reports i.e. safety inspections, equipment inspections
  • Company policies, procedures and process
  • Contractor prequalifications

How does Safety Management System Software work?

Safety Management System Software works to streamline your organisation's processes and procedures, eliminating messy paper trails, minimising compliance gaps and keeping all your safety management activity transparent and visible.

For example, an industry platform (such as this one) allows you to manage all your safety management systems in one place.

You can:

  • manage suppliers’ company level licences, insurances, plant equipment and more.
  • manage suppliers’ workers profiles to request and review compliance records or training and check in real-time which workers are qualified, competent and compliant.
  • track incidents, inspections, audits and corrective actions in one place.
  • manage work permits and site access requirements.
  • check in real-time which workers are qualified, competent and work ready for different clients.
  • stay on top of your documentation requirements with automated workflows and expiry reminders.

All PCBUs have a responsibility to ensure the health, safety and well-being of employees and other persons who enter their worksites. However, an effective Safety Management System is the responsibility of everyone within the company, from management establishing and maintaining an effective SMS to workers implementing the SMS into everyday tasks.

Comply Flow provides an easy way for the entire organisation to stay organised and maintain operational visibility, with access to accurate and up to date information, and two-way communication built into the platform - meaning both your organisation and your supply chain can meet WHS legislative requirements, avoid health and safety risks and reduce exposure to legal or financial liability in the case of an incident.

What do businesses need to include in their Safety Management Systems?

Some items that could be included in your organisations Safety Management System include, but are not limited to, the following:

Employee Documents.

  • Relevant Licences and Qualifications
  • Medical/ Fit for Work
  • Safety Training/ Inductions
  • Police checks

Company Documents.

  • Work Health and Safety Management System
  • Policies
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Management
  • Medicals and Fit For Work Policy
  • Benefits
  • Accident Investigation Procedure
  • Meetings
  • Subcontractors
  • Safety Training / Orientation
  • Training Records
  • Induction Program for Newly Hired Personnel
  • OSHA Construction Safety Courses
  • Emergency / Evacuation Procedures

Work Site Documents.

  • Safety Training / Orientation
  • Emergency / Evacuation Plan
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Job Safety Analysis / Risk Assessments
  • Training Records
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Management
  • Safety Inspections
  • PPE, Equipment Inspections, Audits

Safety Statistics.

Contact for Insurance Information Workers Compensation OSHA Recordkeeping Safety Performance History Regulatory

Contractor Documentation.

  • Prequalification
  • Contractor General Conditions Agreement
  • Relevant licences, accreditations, training records etc.
  • Work health and safety management system
  • Job Safety Analysis / Risk Assessments
  • Training Records
  • Management
  • Safety Inspections
  • PPE, Equipment Inspections, Audits

Other Documentation

  • Other Desired Documents

While implementing a Safety Management System can be a true asset to any business, many end up overwhelmed by the amount of admin required to keep on top of their Safety Management System.

When taking a manual approach, administrators can inadvertently create more paperwork for themselves. They end up dealing with forms, files, spreadsheets or long email trails that can lead to missing data and gaps in compliance. In short, things can get messy quickly without a thoughtful solution.

What Safety Management Software Can Do For Your Business

While implementing a paper based Safety Management Systems may seem appealing, organisations who want to take compliance and risk seriously are best off looking into a digital Safety Management solution.

For example, answering the following questions can illustrate the advantage of a centralised SMS system:

  • Can you assign documents internally to Workers such as Policies & Procedures for review and acknowledgement?
  • Can you assign Workers qualifications and compliance requirements for them to upload in their own time?
  • Do you have visibility over your workforces’ training and qualifications?
  • Does your business have an easy way to share Workers compliance with external clients who require it?
  • How do you demonstrate compliance or evidence of your SMS to auditors or external clients? Is your information stored in an easily accessible, central database - or does it live across multiple folders, files, emails and tools?

If you’re not sure about any of these questions, or simply answered no, it might be time to look into a free system like Comply Flow to streamline your processes, get compliant and win more business.

For Enterprises Managing the Supply Chain

Working with a provider like Comply Flow, for example, enables organisations to consolidate all of their safety management tasks in one, easy-to-use online portal. You can invite contractors and send requests for them to submit pre qualification information and other applicable documents and certificates. Employees can also be invited to upload relevant information, such as licences and certificates. These can all be completed directly in the online system.

Comply Flow’s user friendly dashboard allows you to easily request, monitor and manage relevant documentation and information. As well as having the capability to enable alerts to be sent to relevant personnel when a document is requested, uploaded or due to expire.

Incorporating all contractor information into an online system enables your organisation to not only set personalised requirements and criteria for suppliers to meet and maintain, but can help verify that both you and your suppliers are and remain compliant with any relevant legislation and legal requirements. Using a digital company safety management solution also allows your organisation complete visibility as to where you, and your contractors, are compliant with relevant legislation and regulations, where hazards and risks may be present, and enables reminder notifications to be sent to incomplete employee and contractor profiles.

It’s quick, easy and ensures your employees and contractors are work-ready and compliant faster.

For Suppliers

Comply Flow isn’t just for large enterprises. With our solution, Suppliers can become ‘Comply Flow accredited’ (level 1, 2 or 3) for a small fee. This saves your business time and money, by minimising the effort required to demonstrate compliance and best-practice WHS practices to multiple clients. You just have to manage your one company/business profile, and can share your status with any other organisations.

How can Comply Flow work for your Company?

Comply Flow is an industry-portal solution, which makes it easy for Contractors (Businesses) to manage their Compliance records across multiple clients, and share necessary information with other parties. Our Business solution is for Contractors managing their own Workers and who need to share information with Clients (Enterprise).

For the other side of the industry network, our Enterprise solutions allow larger organisations to request, track and manage information from Contractors, as well as access other safety solutions e.g. audits, inspections, incident management, work permits, inductions.

With Comply Flow, you can manage your entire safety management process in our online portal. The solution is configurable, and can be as simple or as comprehensive as your business needs.

Contractors / Suppliers can Get started in 5 simple steps

  1. Create a Free Account for your Company
  2. Add your Workers to the account
  3. Assign Document Requirements to your workforce
  4. Upload Documents
  5. Share these Workers with your Clients

Our system also has capability to track and manage the compliance of your suppliers’ workers and any plant or equipment they bring onto your sites.

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