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Multi-project contractor compliance solution, tried and tested by tier 1 contractors across Australia.

Customise project requirements at both the company and worker level

Assign unique requirements to contractors and their workers based on the type of work they undertake and ensure everyone arriving on site is qualified, competent and compliant.

Monitor contractors' real-time compliance and safety information

Instantly view workers’ compliance status and check worker competencies, inductions, permits and sign-in data from any device.

All-in-one safety management solution

Our robust system has been tried and tested across tier 1 contractors in Australia, empowering project leaders with instant access to a complete picture of their workforce compliance.

Designed for contractors to manage compliance across multiple projects

Contractors can share company, worker or plant profiles across projects and organisations, and quickly see their company, worker and plant compliance for each

Restrict site access only to compliant, competent workers

We offer both a hardware tap-on-box and mobile app solutions for managing site access. Ensure only workers that have completed site inductions and meet your standards for competency and compliance can enter your sites.

Automate document management and streamline approvals

Keep all project documentation in one place. Documents or online training can be reviewed and approved by our qualified team, or an authorised administrator from your organisation.

The Problem

Many organisations rely on either paper and spreadsheets, or a disconnected set of digital systems, to manage contractors, work permits, and site access.

Rather than an integrated solution, such piecemeal approaches lead to inneficiency, compliance gaps and greater site risks. Information is siloed and results in poor visibility at both site and head office level, and an often inadequate record trail for audit or inspections. Additionally, are often frustrated by alternative systems which require them to repeatedly onboard their workers, upload documentation and complete training for each project they service.

The Solution

Comply Flow enables clients to streamline contractor management across their projects with a unified, automated system.

Our system gives project leaders access to a single source of truth and a greater understanding of what's happening on their sites is invaluable. By automating compliance processes and streamlining document management, Comply Flow relieve both contractors and projects of the administrative burden associated with compliance, frees up team resources for more important issues.


Instant compliance checks

When workers sign-in to site, both user and site managers can instantly see the company status, worker status, training, work permits signed-in to and time on site

Instantly search anything

Get immediate answers by searching for what you need from any device. Search for contractor details, documents, training, incidents, work permits and more.

Custom alerts & hazard reporting

Two-way notifications can be set up for contractor sign-in, hazards reporting, emergency & evacuation and auto-SMS alerts for fatigue management.

Instant online chat and email support

Our friendly support team are available via both online chat and email to assist all users - no chat bots!

Customise and configure settings to your needs

Customise the app from your account with simple-to-edit fields and checkboxes, and update user permissions to ensure alignment with your company roles.

Secure & reliable data platform

We employ end-to-end encryption, are ISO27001 Certified and operate in AWS secure cloud ensuring security and data sovereignty

Our Clients

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