Contact Tracing with Comply Flow

COVID-19 continues to challenge how organisations protect their workers’ health and safety.

Using our existing mobile technology for monitoring site-level worker compliance, Comply Flow have developed a secure and efficient solution for companies to quickly identify all workers on site who may have come into contact with a suspected case.

How does it work?

Contactless sign-in

Workers can sign-in to a geofence from their mobile phones, minimising contact risk.

Digital health screening forms

Customise digital forms for workers to complete each time they sign-in via the app.

Instant contact tracing

Instantly identify every worker who has come into contact with a possible case.

Quickly notify exposed workers

Immediately send alerts to all users who may have come into contact with a suspected case.

Our Clients


Filter and refine search criteria

Our contact tracing capability includes multiple filters to quickly refine information by date, distance and time of potential exposure

Secure & reliable data platform

We employ end-to-end encryption, are ISO207001 Certified and operate in AWS secure cloud ensuring security and data sovereignty

Real-time data, offline functionality

All contractor activity after sign-in is synced immediately and visible from client accounts. Remote sites can be set up with offline functionality

Instant online chat and email support

Our friendly support team are available via an online chat box and email to assist all users - no chat bots!

Get in touch to learn more about our workforce management and contact tracing solutions!