Sharing Documents with your Clients has never been easier

Looking for an easy way to share your tickets, qualifications and insurances?


Suppliers using Comply Flow have been telling us for some time the frustrations of managing worker compliance for multiple clients with manual processes. With ComplyFlow Connect you can ditch the emails and spreadsheets.

Put simply, the hassle of sharing work licences, qualifications, job tickets or training with multiple clients via email means businesses never have a clear picture of who is compliant or work-ready. With no central place to check if workers' documents are expired or up-to-date, the administrative burden of staying compliant is both time-consuming and costly.

Earlier this year we launched Comply Flow Connect which made it easier to share Workers/Employees who need to demonstrate their compliance to attend site.

Any supplier with a free Comply Flow account can now easily share worker profiles, and their global documents, with new Clients that need to keep track of licences, competencies and more.

In the latest Comply Flow update we made it even easier to reduce manual tasks with automation and improve collaboration with Clients (or host organisations). Some important updates include:

1. Easily sharing workers from the list view

Select 1 or more workers from the list view and select the Share button top right to start inviting your Clients

2. Option to create a Free Client

Clients who a supplier has invited can now create a free account allowing them to view all of their suppliers in one place.


3. Clients can view all Documents in one place

Creating a free Connect Client account allows users to view Documents from all their suppliers on a single screen.


4. Connect Clients can invite new Suppliers to Comply Flow

After creating a free Connect Client account, Clients can now invite as many suppliers/contractors as required.


All Free? What’s the catch?

Comply Flow Connect is free on both sides (for Suppliers sharing their Workers with Clients, and for Connect Clients who want to create an account to view worker and company documents). Not all ComplyFlow features are available to Connect Clients.

If suppliers want to have their documents approved/certified on an ongoing basis, there is an optional cost of $35 per worker p.a.

How do I get started?

  • For Contractors/Suppliers, you can create a free account and start sharing your workers with new Clients right away

  • For Clients/Host organisations, you can either ask an existing supplier to share their workers with you OR contact us via the messenger below and we will send you an invitation

If you’d like to know more please book a meeting or check out the Comply Flow Connect page on our website.

What’s next?

The Comply Flow Connect product roadmap includes Company Document sharing, Plant & Vehicle Document management options, updates to Internal Document management and a new Inspection Module. If you have any ideas for Connect we would love to hear from you.

Try Comply Flow Connect today and access free worker and document management tools and more.