How WHS Compliance Software can help you win business

What is Compliance and Why is it Important?

Compliance is an integral part of all business operations, regardless of the industry. Ensuring effective compliance within your business means that your organisation is and remains compliant with relevant legislation, regulations and guidelines. Compliance is important as it will ensure your business continues to operate safely, and that you and your workers don't receive any nasty fines or penalties.

Compliance is an ongoing process that needs to be monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure your business remains compliant with ever changing laws.

How a Compliance System Can Help Your Business

Implementing an effective compliance system can not only help your business remain compliant with relevant legislation and regulations, it can also bolster your company’s reputation and help attract new business opportunities.

No matter the systems that are in place, all organisations have the risk of receiving compliance violations, these can result in fines, penalties, lawsuits and more. However, having an effective compliance system can demonstrate that your organisation is trying to do the right thing. Implemented systems can help with any investigations undertaken, reduce the time and resources spent responding to the regulators’ inquiries and may lead to lesser fines or penalties.

Organisations with effective compliance systems in place also have a higher chance of winning contracts and securing work. Companies look to establish contracts with businesses that have a good safety record and have the procedures in place to ensure the safety and well being of all employees and other persons on their worksites. An effective compliance system helps to create safety culture and awareness within your organisation, this in turn can help reduce hazards and risks, resulting in a workplace that is less likely to have incidents and accidents on site.

What is Compliance Software?

Compliance Software is a tool businesses utilise to implement and monitor its internal systems, policies and procedures. This software functions as a management system that consolidates and streamlines an organisation’s processes, files and other regulatory documentation - saving time and money by reducing administration tasks that are often managed manually via emails and spreadsheets that can lead to messy paper trails.

Compliance software can include products or features for:

  • Supplier & Worker Management
  • Policies, Procedures and Processes
  • JSAs or SWMSs
  • Worker Training & Inductions
  • Plant & Equipment Management
  • Incident Management
  • Audit & Inspections
  • Permit to Work Management
  • Site Access & Security Management
  • Lone Worker Management
  • Visitor Management

When looking for Compliance software, finding a compliance platform that covers off the above list can save you time and hassle down the road as your organisation’s needs can expand from compliance management, to a full WHS solution.

Why Organisations Use Compliance Software

Organisations use compliance software to help plan, monitor, and control tasks that minimise risks and ensure compliance with regulatory standards as well as legal requirements. Online software systems benefit companies and clients by allowing them to manage all their business & workforce documentation in one place.

For example, Comply Flow’s free platform allows organisations to manage all their HR and compliance admin in one place.

Comply Flow features:

  • management of all company level licences, insurances, plant equipment and more
  • management of worker profiles to request and review HR and compliance records or training
  • ability to check in real-time which workers are qualified, competent and work ready for different clients
  • ability to stay on top of your documentation requirements with automated workflows and expiry reminders

Comply Flow Connect is an easy way to stay organised and for Organisations and Clients to access accurate and up to date information, allowing all parties to ensure that their entire workforce is compliant and work-ready

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