Contractor & plant compliance solution for $1.6bn joint venture

The NEXUS Delivery JV between Acciona & Ferrovial engaged Comply Flow in 2015 in a partnership to manage the safety and compliance of all suppliers, workers, plant, equipment and hazardous chemicals coming onto the 41km road bypass-route Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project.

  • 10,000+ workers
  • 6,500+ plant & equipment items
  • 350+ hazardous chemicals
  • Multiple FSC audits

The Problem

NEXUS engaged Comply Flow in 2015 to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end system for managing contractor compliance, competencies, plant and equipment. Specifically, they sought to relieve the administrative burden of record management for a high volume of workers, plant & equipment and hazardous chemicals across the lifetime of the project, as well as ensure that safety managers across the project could quickly access the information they needed from one central database.

The Solution

Comply Flow worked with the project team to define compliance requirements, including the specific requirements each supplier (company), worker and plant or equipment item would need to meet in order to achieve a 'compliant' status in the system. Requirements were deteremined on the level of supplier risk, type of work undertaken by the worker, or plant & equipment operated, with additional project-specific requirements pushed to all workers on a project.

Moreover, an accurate and up-to-date record trail of all compliance-related activities was enormously valuable to the project teams for both FSC and project-lead audits, with one system login able to cover multiple evidence areas of safe contractor management and compliance .

Solution Highlights

Compliance spot-checks

Our site access cards ensure only compliant workers could access the project, and enabled supervisors to instantly check supplier compliance, worker documents, training and outstanding items with a simple QR code

Simple database searching for audits

All records and activity are stored in the system in simple registers, allowing project teams and auditors to instantly search for contractor details, documents, training, incidents, work permits and more.

Document expiry notifications

Contractors see all requirements for each project on a simple dashboard, and all users receive notifications when documents are approaching expiry to ensure they keep compliant

Instant online chat and email support

Our friendly support team are available via both online chat and email to assist all contractor administrators, workers and company staff with any request. No chat bots, users are always able to speak to a real person.

Quick customisation & configuration

Our system allowed NEXUS to customise everything from contractor requirements to user permissions within their project account, ensuring flexibility over the lifetime of the project

Secure & reliable data platform

We employ end-to-end encryption, are ISO27001 Certified and operate in AWS secure cloud ensuring security and data sovereignty

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