Highly configurable contractor management & WHS solution

Set custom compliance requirements for contractors and their workers

Assign requirements for contractors to submit to achieve a 'compliant' status in your account. Set company-level documents or insurance and set worker requirements (based on work roles) to trigger licences and qualifications, assign training and inductions.

Manage new contractor pre-qualification, onboarding and monitoring

Invite new contractors to submit their documentation and complete training or inductions. Manage all suppliers and their workers in one simple compliance profile.

Ensure only compliant workers can access your sites

Select from either our hardware or mobile-app sign in solutions to ensure only compliant contractors are accessing your sites. Instantly view contractor compliance in real time.

One dashboard to manage all your WHS requirements

Select from our suite of safety management modules to roll out a custom-built compliance and safety solution, connecting you to contractors with a seamless two-way interface.

Streamline document verification and administrative tasks

Centralise all contractor and WHS documentation in a secure account, set up document approval workflows and ensure everything is captured and stored in one place

Manage timesheets and attendance

Enable contractors to submit their hours for tracking and resource management

Instantly search any record and understand what's happening across your sites

Get immediate answers by searching for what you need from any device. You can filter on specific sites to see what's happening, including who's on site and compliant, recent incidents and more, in real-time.

Share administration with contractors & save time

Contractors manage their own profile in the system - uploading documents, completing training and applying for work permits as needed. Ensuring your business can access up-to-date, real-time information without the extra admin.

Control alerts, emergency management and hazard reporting in one place

Two-way notifications can be set up for contractor sign-in, hazard reporting, emergency & evacuation and auto-SMS alerts for fatigue management.

The Problem

Many organisations rely paper-based systems, or a disconnected set of digital systems to manage contractors, work permits, and site access.

This piecemeal approach is not only inefficient, but also means safety managers often can't get access to the information they need in order to close compliance gaps and effectively manage contractor safety. With information siloed across sites, or across different platforms for managing different stages of the contractor lifecycle, teams remain disconnected, processes are not unified and there is little visibility over contractor management as a whole.

The Solution

Comply Flow enables clients to streamline multiple processes for managing contractors with a single portal - allowing them to set their own requirements for contractors and ensuring an organised and efficient solution.

Our unified, automated system enables teams to set up consistent prcoesses and workflows for contractor management across all their sites. By empowering our users with access to a single source of truth, our platform gives teams a powerful understanding of what’s happening on their sites, accurate and real-time information, and control over their contractor management processes such as work permits and inductions. We save our clients significant time and administration hours, freeing up time to focus on managing safety on the ground, rather than drowning in admin.

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