Manage FSC compliance and save time with our safety management system implementation platform.

Streamline safety management system implementation

FSC-specific configuration

Configure your account in order to meet specific FSC criteria and automate your processes for meeting requirements

Automate your safety management processes

Manage your entire safety management system from one portal and set up custom workflows so nothing gets missed

Highly configurable system

Select from core safety management modules, including contractor management, inductions, incidents, plant & equipment and site access

Review your safety performance across projects ahead of audits

Standardise FSC criteria implementation

Ensure all your projects or sites are managed in accordance with a unified safety management system, customised to FSC criteria

View records and compliance across any site

Our system is designed for organisational visibility and transparency across multiple sites or projects

One record trail for inspections and audits

Our solution centralises all critical safety management records data in one place, ensuring quick access to relevant information

Minimise costs & administration hours with a digital solution

Fix administration bottlenecks

Share system administration tasks (such as document approvals) across key stakeholders by setting up different user roles within your account, and assigning workflows to different roles.

Streamline existing processes

Managing FSC and federal safety management requirements can be complicated. With our digital solution, we imrpove and automate your existing processes to make managing compliance a breeze.

Reduce time spent on administration

Our system ensures contractors are responsible for managing their own compliance profile, with either Comply Flow or your internal staff to manage verification.

Search for anything from accurate, real-time registers

Demonstrate evidence with a few clicks

Demonstrate evidence of contractor pre-commencement evaluation, SWMS reviews, project inspections, audits or inductions with one account login

Review your performance ahead of audits

Review critical FSC criteria requirements before audits and ensure you are prepared with a complete and accurate information record

Streamline corrective action management

Add corrective actions to audit items and assign them to members of your team for investigation, remediation and close out.

The Problem

Many organisations rely on a disconnected set of paper-based or digital systems to manage contractors and site access across projects.

With a piecemeal approach to managing contractor safety across multiple tools, processes tend to be cumbersome and increase the risk of compliance gaps and site risks. Critically, with information siloed across different platforms and sites, there is poor visibility at both site and head office level and an inadequate record frail for audit and inspections.

The Solution

Comply Flow enables clients to streamline multiple processes for managing contractors with a single portal - ensuring an organised and efficient solution, and an accurate, up to date record trail.

Our unified system allows clients to standardise compliance requirements and contractor management processes across their sites, giving them access single source of truth and empowering them with a greater understanding of what's happening on their sites. All records and activities in the platform are logged to ensure an accurate and up-to-date record trail for audits, saving teams significant time and resources.

Our Clients

System Features

Instant compliance checks

Our site access cards ensure only compliant workers can acces site, while supervisors can instantly check supplier compliance, worker documents, training and outstanding items with a simple QR code

Instantly search anything

Get immediate answers by searching for what you need from any device. Search for contractor details, documents, training, incidents, work permits and more.

Custom alerts & hazard reporting

Two-way notifications can be set up for contractor sign-in, hazards reporting, emergency & evacuation and auto-SMS alerts for fatigue management.

Instant online chat and email support

Our friendly support team are available via both online chat and email to assist all users - no chat bots!

Customise and configure settings to your needs

Customise the app from your account with simple-to-edit fields and checkboxes, and update user permissions to ensure alignment with your company roles.

Secure & reliable data platform

We employ end-to-end encryption, are ISO27001 Certified and operate in AWS secure cloud ensuring security and data sovereignty

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