What is HR Document Management Software?

Establishing a quality HR document management system is essential for businesses who want to run a smooth operation. Having one place to manage worker records, onboard employees and maintain compliance with relevant Workplace & WHS regulations is a huge advantage for businesses.

This article sets out key tips for companies looking to streamline their HR & Compliance management processes with HR document management software.

What is an HR Document Management System?

A HR Document management system is a set of processes for onboarding workers and storing, managing and monitoring their essential documentation and HR information. An effective system centralises all of your organisations most important HR files in one place. Modern businesses and organisations typically look to software or digital solutions in order to streamline their HR Document Management system, and save time for more important HR tasks.

What is HR Document Management Software?

HR Document Management Software is any tool used to help companies capture, store and manage all their essential documentation for managing workers - saving businesses time and money by streamlining administrative tasks.

This software allows you to search, store and manage your employee documents, certifications, licences, training, contracts, payment details and so forth. It enables you to assign expiration dates to time sensitive documents, and ensure you know if your workers are work-ready.

For contractors in high-risk industries such as construction, property, manufacturing, aviation, transport and logistics or similar sectors, there are also softwares which bundle HR & Compliance management together, so that both internal HR records and external compliance documentation & training can be tracked and shared with the necessary parties (e.g. clients) This not only saves time and money on manual administration, but ensures there are no gaps in your compliance - i.e. missing documents, expired records or trails of emails or static folders that provide little helpful visibility.

What are the Benefits of HR Document Management Software?

The benefits of utilising HR document management software within your organisation include:

  • streamlining your onboarding process & getting your team work-ready faster
  • saving time and money by reducing administration tasks that are often carried via emails and spreadsheets
  • the ability to manage all employee and HR documentation in one place
  • knowing when your workers records (e.g. work licences or contracts) are expiring
  • automating how you maintain compliance with relevant legislation
  • more storage capacity and enhanced security
  • allows easy accesses to employee licences, qualifications etc for necessary parties
  • being able to share your workers’ compliance profile via a link directly with any external client - making industry worker compliance a breeze!

Whilst the amount of documentation and upkeep for HR can be overwhelming and difficult to maintain manually through spreadsheets and paper trails, online compliance systems can be a benefit to your company by allowing your business and workers to manage everything in one place. Digital tools, such as Comply Flow’s HR & Worker Profile management features enables Contractors to assign Workers internal documents such as policies, procedures, HR requirements, training and other records for them to acknowledge or complete in their account.

Moreover, for any Worker compliance records that need to be shared with external parties (i.e. companies your business provides services to), Comply Flow also enables you to share your Workers’ profiles via a link to them in seconds. This eliminates document duplication (not to mention email trails, spreadsheets, folders), by enabling your Workers’ to manage one profile in Comply Flow that can be shared in seconds across unlimited clients.

How to Choose the Right HR Document Management Software for your Company?

To ensure you choose the right software for your organisation you should:

  • determine your needs; do you just need to manage internal HR records? (this feature is completely free in Comply Flow) do you also need to track Workers’ compliance across multiple clients?
  • outline your preferred features; create a list of preferred features
  • research; have a look at all the options available and find the best system for your organisation.
  • speak with experts; book a free consultation with our team to see how a platform like Comply Flow would work for you

Tips to Help Your Business with HR Document Management Software

Here are our top tips to ensure your company remains organised and compliant with relevant legislation.

Companies should dedicate time to:

  • developing, implementing and maintaining a company tailored HR management system.
  • ensure copies/ records of all applicable documents are maintained using a HR document management system
  • ensure worker documentation, such as competencies and qualifications are shared with relevant parties
  • keeping up to date with applicable legislation and industry standards
  • undertake regular audits to ensure that employees hold appropriate licences and qualifications
  • provide further inductions and training, when necessary
  • ensure continuous consultation between all parties

Following the above guidelines (and documenting the processes, to provide proof of compliance) will help to ensure your company has taken the adequate steps to meet your obligations under relevant legislation.

If you’re a business looking for an easy way to track and manage company docs, tickets, qualifications and competencies - for free! - then our online HR Document Management system makes this a breeze.

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